Americans Are Idiots About Terrorism

Workers from the City of Brussels collect some of the tributes to preserve them at one of the memorial sites, after the recent attacks in the capital at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels, Friday, March, 25, 2016. Amid signs that life in Brussels was returning to some sort of normality on the third day of mourning the dead, authorities lowered Belgium's terror-threat level by one notch. However, they said the situation remained grave and another attack is "likely and possible." Belgium had been on its highest alert since Tuesday's bombings. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

On MSNBC on Tuesday, The Atlantic’s Washington editor Steve Clemons was discussing what was then still breaking news of the terror attack in Brussels. What was clear, what was known, was that the attacks in the Belgian capital were bomb attacks. The Muslim terrorists were using bombs. There are two important things one could talk about in the wake of that revelation: Muslim terror, and bombs. Instead, this mainstream journalism bigwig on a major cable news network talked about guns. Guns. Did you hear what I said? He blamed guns.


From Newsbusters, via Hot Air:

SAM STEIN: I guess that’s a bit of a surprise to us around the table because the city was on high alert, owing to the arrest [of Salah Abdeslam], and yet, as you are explaining it, Steve, the security apparatus either wasn’t apparent or maybe isn’t as robust as we would think. I have a little bit of a separate question playing off of what we talked about last block, which is, for me at least, I am curious, why is Brussels and Belgium at large being the epicenter for this? What is it about that city that allows something like this to fester?

STEVE CLEMONS: I don’t know if I can answer that. You know, when we were, on Sunday morning, with the — the foreign minister of Belgium. I had wanted to ask him, “ You know, why is it known that it’s so easy to access guns in Belgium than other of the major states in Europe, it’s something that everybody knows here, that there is a black market, that there is an ease of getting guns here. As compared to many other parts of Europe.”

This is the fundamental lack of seriousness we see every day on television from the media and from Democrats and even from a few idiots on the right.

But that’s not the only example.

During and after the Brussels attack, President Obama was having a grand old time doing the wave with Castro and dancing the tango in Argentina. Nevermind that Americans died in a huge terror attack in the city that houses NATO. Nevermind that even today, Saturday, there are still Americans unaccounted for. He had communism to normalize and good times to enjoy. He did offer up a lame reason:


This idea that you’re not letting the terrorists win by going to the mall is just not true. And it wouldn’t matter if it was. We’re well past the philosophical objection and gesture phase. There are actual people being actually killed. Obama. Change what you’re doing. Europe, disrupt your daily lives. If someone is punching you in the face, it doesn’t matter if fighting back is what they want. You’re just going to have to do it anyway.

What we have so far is a dumb liberal trope (“guns are bad, mmmkay?”) and a dumb liberal response (“bullies want you to fight back”) and neither of which is a serious point of view on a serious problem.

And it’s not just that. The problem extends, of course, to the entire administration and even law enforcement. FBI Director James Comey laid out a “wrong side of history” argument that is entirely preposterous. The basic premise, which Streiff destroys, being that seeing the results of terror in Brussels will discourage recruitment by ISIS. It’s so stupid I can hardly type it. I broke my contempt key.

But wait there’s more.

We have right-wingers who spend more time after a terror attack complaining that we can’t ban all Muslim immigration, a completely impractical, unworkable, unenforceable waste of time, instead of talking about how we address the fact that a Visa policy is why one of the San Bernardino shooters was even here. It’s absurd.


Do you know what the biggest thing was in the media after Brussels? It wasn’t “What can Brussels do to get terror under control” or “What was Brussels doing wrong for this to happen” it was “will there be a backlash” and “is Ted Cruz crazy for his comments about security.” The main news story, and the main talking point among Democrats after any attack is “what did Republicans say about it.” That or “guns are bad, mmmkay?” Or even the old canard “White people are bad too.” These are nonsense distractions by nonsense people and though it is mostly the left and the media, there are parts of the right dancing the tango with them.

I could go on. You can’t call the Jihad a Jihad. You can’t talk about the obvious increased risk from massive numbers of refugees, who Obama insists consist of nothing but women and children. The Democrat candidates campaign on a policy of appeasement. We have people who blame terror on freaking joblessness for Pete’s sake!!!

And don’t even get me started on hashtags.

Everyone is out of their minds. I said “Americans” in my headline, not just specific people, and I’ll tell you why. The rest of us are idiots because after all this time we’re still letting the morons get away with it.

The world has a serious problem. Europe is at war, and that war is taking place on the streets and among the civilians. The enemy soldiers are all over the continent. And they are here in the United States, too. “Access” to guns is not the problem and it is not the cause of the problem. Getting America “out of the middle east” is not a solution or even a serious proposal. Get serious, America. Terror is already happening here, just as it is over there. Be it bombs or guns, the problem the world faces is Islamic terror. And that is problem for serious people. Not cowardly clowns mewling about gun control or rage-monsters raving about literally impossible to implement policy.



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