#SchadenFriday: Mika Disillusioned With Elizabeth Warren Over Hillary Transparency Dodge (LOLVIDEO)

If you watch Morning Joe on MSNBC every day like I do, let me first tell you that I feel your pain. But also you know that Mika Brzezinski, like almost everyone at MSNBC, is smitten with Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren. So it is multiples of schadenfreude to watch her watch her play #ImWithHer fast and loosely by dodging direct questions that are about Hillary’s dodginess and lack of directness.


Are you having fun yet? I’m having fun. Here’s the video, via Newsbusters:

Full Transcript at Newsbusters.

Ha ha. That dance from Warren is classic politician BS. Mrs. Anti-Business Anti-Wall Street herself can’t bring herself to say crony-crazy Hillary should release her exorbitantly purchased Wall Street pitches. How great is that? And Mika and the gang watching and judging?

Here’s the cake, here’s the icing. You gotta love it.

Happy SchadenFriday people!


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