Michelle Malkin Blasts Drudge Over Disgusting, Anti-Christian Headline Attacking Ted Cruz [VIDEO]

The Drudge Report took up a leftie talking point against Ted Cruz this weekend in a HUGE HEADLINE that just happens to bash the common and meaningful practice of Christianity, and Michelle Malkin lets him have it. Calmly and with dignity, Malkin takes this smear apart.


I don’t offer a transcript because you need to watch the clip. Michelle could not be more dead-on. I hadn’t seen this Drudge Report headline, as I have less and less use for the Trump-promotion machine it has become, but this goes beyond the pale and is hypocritical besides, as they have ignored the same thing from the Trump campaign.

There seems to be not bottom to which pro-Trump, anti-Cruz websites will sink in their quest for whatever it is they think they are questing for. (I wonder how Dr. Ben Carson feels about that.) There are so many bridges burning in America these days that I wonder if any divide will ever be crossed again.

Thank God for Michelle Malkin. And I mean that literally.
h/t The Right Scoop


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