SO GOOD: Marco Rubio's AWESOME Answer on Cuba at #GOPDebate

During the CNN GOP Debate tonight, the candidates were asked about American policy on Cuba. There were some good answers, and the worst answer possible within the laws of physics and the universe. We’ll get to the worst one later though. Here was the best moment in the entire Cuba exchange.


Here’s the auto-generated transcript:

First of all, the embassy, the the former consulate, it’s the same building. We can just go back to calling it the consulate. Secondly, I don’t know where they’re going to sue us, but if they sue us in a court in Miami they’re going to lose. Third, on the issue of a good deal, I know what the good deal is, it’s already codified. Here’s a good deal. Cuba has free elections, Cuba stops putting people in jail for speaking out, Cuba has freedom of the press, Cuba kicks out the Russians from Lourdes and kicks out this Chinese listening station, Cuba stops helping North Korea evade U.N. sanctions. Cuba takes all those fugitives of American justice, including the cop killer from New Jersey, and send her back to the United States, and to jail where she belongs and you know what? Then we can have relations with Cuba. That’s a good deal.

Brilliantly done.



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