Winners and Losers from Tonight's CNN/Univision Democrat Debate

Tonight was the Univision and CNN Democratic Debate, and there were definitely a few fireworks. As always, it’s hard to pick winners and losers in a Dem Debate, since pretty much everyone loses, but here we go. The tl;dr is Bernie over Hillary. See below.



Nobody: Nobody won. It was debate where the two candidates for the Dem nomination fought to prove they were the MOST against free enterprise, the MOST opposed to business, the MOST prepared to disregard Congress and use executive orders, and who was the MOST to the left of Barack Obama on immigration. Yes, the Obama administration are immigration hawks for the current Dem climate.

OK fine, if I have to pick someone.

Jorge Ramos: Even though it was pointless theater, he did go after Hillary fairly aggressively on the email server. The better to help her say she’s been vetted, but still. It happened, for whatever it’s worth.


EVERYBODY: See above.

Benghazi Families: Hillary ducked, dodged, and generally was belligerent on the issue, just as she always is. Of course, such things don’t matter to the democrats in the audience.

Anyone who lost someone in Benghazi saw this happen when the issue of what happened to their loved one was brought up with the woman who was in charge at the time.


The crowd boos, Hillary smirks. Respectful. Serious. Gravitas.

As for the candidates, once again Bernie Sanders was better than Hillary Clinton. He especially got her, as he often does, on cronyism and Wall Street money, and when she tried to paint him as being supportive of the Minute Men he basically took her apart in the crowd’s eyes. Not a great moment for Hillary. Hillary, by the way, couldn’t explain what happened in Michigan. I would suggest maybe they heard her try to debate.

Oh wait, I forgot one more winner. Terrorists.


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