BREAKING: CNN and NBC Call Hawaii For Donald Trump

There are 19 delegates up for grabs in Hawaii, The race has been called but we don’t have the total yet.

Ten delegates are divided proportionally by the vote, three are apportioned by the RNC, and three each are picked proportionally by the two congressional districts. (Update: Those three RNC delegates are not counted separately after all. That was erroneously reported in Greenpapers.)


This race was not favored for Trump, most of the networks were expecting a win for Ted Cruz here. A win that did not materialize.

The only thing left to find out is who takes how many delegates, which will be closer than you might expect thanks to Cruz’s whopping lead in Idaho, whereas the other races have all been very close.

We’ll have all the totals posted in the morning. To follow the ongoing delegate count, you can click here.



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