OH SNAP! Jorge Ramos To Hillary: If You Get Indicted, Will You Drop Out? [VIDEO]

Now this made the whole debate worth it. Jorge Ramos grilled Hillary Clinton on her email scandal, and she was agitated and angry the whole time. The “how dare you” was practically visible in the air. Then Ramos really hit her.


What is hilarious is that she really seems angry. As if this is somehow unjust treatment by the press.

In reality, this theater only helps Hillary. No Democrat has the integrity to actually care about Hillary’s illegal activity, we already know that. So questioning her about it on the stage just gave her the opportunity to appear indignant, get a crowd reaction, and then move on. It’s not like the crowd was worried about the issue or interested in an answer. Listen to that cheering.

Of course, later they can all say “no hey the press really pursued this thing!” Kabuki.

It’s fine though. This thing is not going away, no matter how much the press and the Clinton campaign kiss and hug over it.


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