OK Dream Ticket Fans, This Post- #GOPDebate Clip Will Get Your Buzz, err .. Buzzing


Tonight we saw Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz embrace the truth that we all knew they needed to embrace: That Donald Trump is the enemy and they have to both work to defeat him. And man did they work. It was a thing of beauty.


But even better was this line from Ted Cruz after the debate while talking to Wolf Blitzer. We made it a Vine so it’s easy to share and play over and over.

Of course they are still going to campaign against each other. Of course ads will be run, attacks will be made. But the fence can be mended, it seems. At least in the spin room.

Rubio/Cruz or Cruz/Rubio? If you’re a dream ticket fan, tell us the order of the ticket in the comments below.

Also, just so you hear it, or if you can’t view Vines, here is the video clip:


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