Ted Cruz Full Speech: Yes, Trump Fans, He DID Congratulate Donald

COLUMBIA, SC – “Conservatives continue to unite behind this campaign.” That was the message from the speech Ted Cruz gave on Saturday might after finishing third in the South Carolina primary. “If you are conservative, this is where you belong,’ he said.


Rumor mill online among Trump fans was the Ted Cruz was a protocol-breaking rudeness monster who failed to congratulate their precious, but as you can see at 8:10 of the video, that is just not true. “I congratulate Donald Trump on his victory,” said Ted.

It’s actually a great speech that starts, of course, by talking about Jeb Bush and the whole Bush clan. Here is our recording from within the room. The only thing cut was the many “thank you” remarks to campaign workers, supporters, endorsers etc.

Cruz frames the race as being between a true constitutional conservative, him, and Washington deal-makers (the other two.) He states that at each contest so far, his campaign has been “defying expectations.”

“The screaming you hear now across the Potomac is the Washington cartel in full terror,” says Cruz of his finish in the top three.

Cruz spoke of Justice Scalia, whom he knew and worked with, and from whose funeral Senator Cruz was just returning when he took the stage.

And of course, he congratulated Donald. But he also reminded the crowd “we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat Donald Trump.” Which is true. And more congratulation than that charlatan deserves.


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