Breaking: Mitt Romney To Endorse Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio and Gov. Romney in 2012 - AP
Senator Rubio and Gov. Romney in 2012 – AP

UPDATE: Rubio denies.

It makes sense. The Huffington Post reports this morning that former Gov. and Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney will be endorsing Senator Marco Rubio for President.


From the report:

Details of Romney’s endorsement were still being worked out as of Sunday morning. The sources said that the former Massachusetts governor had been eager to provide his backing to Rubio for days but had hesitated, due to his respect for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who suspended his campaign on Saturday night following his dismal fourth-place showing in the South Carolina primary.

Romney spent the day in Utah on Saturday and could potentially be in position to bestow his blessing upon Rubio before Tuesday’s Nevada Republican caucuses–a contest that Romney won easily in both 2008 and 2012.

As endorsements go, this is one of the biggest of the 2016 election season. It can only be seen as the establishment’s full blessing, along with other endorsements Rubio has received, and certainly a sign of the money to come for the Rubio campaign. Money that until now was still Jeb’s domain.


Rubio came in second in South Carolina’s primary that concluded on Saturday. As mentioned above, the next vote is Tuesday in Nevada. If Romney makes the endorsement quickly, we will see him in the next few days making the case. Not just for Rubio to be the nominee and the President, but the case for him as the man to stop Trump, which is quickly becoming the singular focus of the party.

Romney won Nevada during his 2012 primary campaign.


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