John Kasich Lies About God [WATCH]

Politicians tell a lot of whoppers, but some are obviously more blatant or galling than others. In John Kasich’s case, he doesn’t think small and goes straight for the top, as part of a smear against his opponents and a lie about himself. Take a look:


First, this article from the Wall Street Journal, hilariously titled ““Kasich: I’m a Conservative, But I Won’t Play the God Card”, where Kasich says:

“I don’t know why I can’t win conservative votes. I don’t know why I wouldn’t be able to win evangelicals. I don’t go out and try to win a vote using God. I think that cheapens God.”

Leon Wolf shows just how absurd this claim is given Kasich’s repeated religious appeals to date. But today we find that he is also continuing to do so after having made that statement.

Watch this video, courtesy Jason Hart:

My parents were killed by a drunk drive,r but my parents did not die in vain. I discovered my purpose by discovering the Lord.

A personal testimonial is not so terrible. I mean, it only sort of makes his God-card promise a lie. But he doesn’t stop there. Instead, he goes on to implicitly tie his faith to his candidacy.


“I believe the Lord put us on this earth to use the gifts that we’ve been given to bring about a healing. And, um, that’s the motivation for me.”

So he didn’t want to play the God card in New Hampshire, but a week or so later, he does. You see, because in South Carolina, this kind of thing matters. He lied about playing using God to promote his campaign.

Guess he’s trying to win a vote after all.


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