Conservative Horror Film 'The Bound' to Confront Radical Feminist Anti-Masculinity Harpies

You know what they hate? Being called harpies. It’s sexist, you see, because you aren’t allowed to insult someone from a protected gender. And that’s part of the problem isn’t it? Take a look:


My friend and fellow Truth Revolt writer Paul Bois has new project out this month, a film, that confronts the radical feminist (read: anti-male) movement in the United States. It’s a front line from the culture war on the big screen. Here’s a bit of the press release.

“There is need for a Crusade of manliness and purity to nullify the savage work of those who think man is a beast.” St. Josémaria Escriva.

The horrifying consequences of a culture that engages in a full-blown assault on masculinity lies at the heart of THE BOUND – a new action/horror short film by writer and director Paul Roland Bois.

Combining the spiritual warfare of The Exorcist, the biological horror of Alien, and the medieval romanticism of Braveheart, THE BOUND tells the story of a veteran Knight and his precocious Squire, who, while traveling on pilgrimage to Rome, suddenly find themselves waging spiritual and terrestrial warfare against a malevolent demoness dwelling in the woodlands of medieval France.

Having worked as a staff writer at the conservative website TruthRevolt since 2013, filmmaker Paul Roland Bois has shone many a spotlight on the writings of modern misandrists masquerading under the label “feminist”, exposing them as some of the most misanthropic, mean-spirited, wicked pieces of prose out there in the mainstream media.

“I do not refer to these women as ‘feminists’, because they hate all things feminine,” says Bois. “They sneer at motherhood, resent beauty, eschew chastity, and spit on modesty. They are akin to a school girl cackling in amusement while kicking a boy in the groin.”


This is an Indiegogo project, and Bois has more to say on the fundraising page:

We live in an era where all notions of masculinity have been roundly condemned by cultural elites. Concepts of chivalry, heroism, self-sacrifice, nobility, fatherhood, and good vs. evil are all locked in a cage. Men just can’t be men anymore. The horrifying consequences of a culture that engages in a full-blown assault on masculinity lies at the heart of THE BOUND.

Borrowing elements from John Eldredge’s best-selling book Wild at Heart and the misanthropic writings of former Boston College professor Mary Daly, THE BOUND is an intentional “medieval-modern tale” where the ultimate symbol of masculinity – the chivalrous Knight – faces off against an out-of-control misandrist.

The problem with advocacy for a protected class is easy to see and hard to fight. The bunker mentality turns all outside criticism into The Words of the Enemy. So the longer the advocate advocates, the more they descend into radical extremism. We are at that point with feminist myths about males and masculinity.

As noted in the press release, examples include Hanna Rosin stating that “men are obsolete” and Amanda Marcotte referring to babies as “time sucking monsters” and even, ridiculously, Mary Daly calling for a “castration” of God. They have become a parody of themselves, not only rejecting the idea of manhood, but actively opposing anyone who even remotely can be seen as appealing to it. They fight against football and beer, against sexuality and gender, and even against the very idea of babies existing. Who, exactly, is interested in oppressing or suppressing who?


You read more about the project, and participate through your support, on the Indiegogo page here.


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