Terrible Tweets: The Post Super Bowl Lamentations #SB50

Congratulations, I suppose, are in order. Congratulations to the Broncos. There, I choked it out.

Today’s Super Bowl was not just a worldwide sensation on television and radio but also a veritable bonanza of awful on Twitter. But for all the funny, lame, smart, stupid, awesome or terrible Tweets, nothing beat the gnashing of teeth we are about to go over.


Let’s start with this Tweet:

The ad features a guy waving a Dorito over a woman getting a sonogram. The baby responds to the Dorito, and eventually chases it right out of the womb into the delivery room. As you can see, the reply is stupid and terrible and the worst.

This provoked some pretty strong reactions online, like mine here, but people began to suspect it was a parody account. Subsequent tweets had the consensus pretty much settled on “fake.”


Man astronauts are bad!!!!!!


Really? It was a silly commercial featuring Ryan Reynolds. NARAL wants you to believe there are no women on earth who are attracted to him? Or do they? At this point, their tweets (there were many more) had pretty much everyone convinced that it was a parody account. Also, it isn’t verified.


That’s the NARAL website. Their Twitter button links to this account. This stupid, vapid, soulless, scummy account.

Are you really surprised?

There was also collateral stupidity. CNN’s resident awful person Carol Costello weighed in on the same silly, humorous, innocent Doritos ad, as Twitchy noticed.

Dude. Seriously? People. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????

There are dozens more idiotic Tweets about the Doritos ad, which is just about the harshest critique of our culture I can think of. But just so you know NARAL wasn’t the only source of dumb tweets, please consider this runner-up from arguably the worst Twitter tweeter ever:


Dude. Just go home. Seriously.

As for me, I plan to sink into deep sports depression until the next season begins. And I leave you with this thought:

I only include it because it still might happen.

Sigh. #Panthers


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