Good Guy With A Gun Stops Potential Mass Shooting In New Orleans ... Where's The Press?


New Orleans has a habit, it seems, of being ignored by the press. At least, ignored when it comes to mass shootings. Or this case, attempted mass shooting.

You may remember that, back in November, there was a mass shooting in the city which received virtually no national press. Now we have a story where not only did someone open fire on a crowd of people, but was actually stopped from his killing act by another armed citizen last Sunday.


A man began firing into a large group of riders on ATVs. One of the men he was firing on was carrying a concealed weapon and returned fire.

From The New Orleans Advocate, via Bearing Arms:

Police said the melee started about 3:30 p.m. at the Claiborne Express station just off Esplanade Avenue. Macklin, who was driving a white Volvo, arrived at the gas station at the same time as a large group of men riding ATVs.

Macklin became “enraged” during an argument, according to an arrest report, and shot three of the men, ages 30, 31 and 32. Then one of the ATV riders, whom police have not named, pulled out a legally owned weapon and shot back.

Police said they arrested three other men — Jerome Richards, 25; Corey Berry, 20; and Charles Simon, 27 — when they fled the scene on ATVs. After a chase, all three were booked with reckless operation of a vehicle, police said.

None of the ATV riders who were shot were booked.

How many more of this large group of people would Macklin have shot? How many wounds could have been serious or fatal? Luckily these New Orleans folks didn’t have to find out, because a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.


This story has everything. Crime, rage, guns, bullets, a hero, a villain. The only thing that could have made it better was if a princess was saved in the process or someone had to deliver a baby on the back of an ATV. This is made for the press.

It happened almost a week ago. Did you hear about it? Did you see it on TV? I didn’t. And I’m an expert at sitting still and watching TV all day.

I wonder why that is?


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