This Even MORE Blistering Anti-Trump Ad Will Run In Papers Across New Hampshire Sunday

You will recall we gave you a preview last week of a blistering anti-Trump ad from Our Principles PAC that ran in Iowa papers ahead of the caucus. This Sunday, the same group is running another brutal ad all over New Hampshire, the next primary state. It hits Trump on multiple points, including his slams against veterans.


Here is a portion of the ad. To see the full print ad in PDF format, simply click on the image.


Veterans, abortion, second amendment. tax hikes and even amnesty. It’s Trump being wrong on supposedly Trump issues. That’s a hard burn.

The ad directs readers to the website, which features the amazing video ad we posted a couple of weeks ago.

Trump’s lead in the polls is weakening. He is by far the least liked candidate among those supporting other candidates (in other words, he’s nobody’s number 2 choice.) And frankly, he’s just not keeping it together.

This ad may be brutal, but like the previous, it’s also true. You might say his New York values are just plain catching up with him. I guess we’ll see in New Hampshire.

And hopefully those in New Hampshire will see these ads. And the truth.


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