Wrong Side of History: Iran Awards Medals For Capture of American Sailors

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei greets a group of Revolutionary Guard officers who were involved in the detention of U.S. Navy sailors

In mid-January, just before the President’s final State of the Union address, Iran took American sailors captive, forced them to their knees at gunpoint, and took propaganda photos and videos while rooting through their belongings and downloading data from their military phones and equipment.


About this incident, the typical media and democrat response was a great big “ho-hum.” John Kerry praised Iran for doing such a fine job of not killing our sailors and only holding them at gunpoint for a little while, for which courtesy he credited his Iran nuclear deal. In fact, the idea of this being somehow a victory against Great Satan for the America-hating Iran was laughed at, and the notion that our fighting men and women were being used as tools of propaganda was mocked.

Obviously, Iran disagrees.

Iran’s supreme leader has awarded medals to navy commanders for capturing U.S. sailors who entered Iranian territorial waters this month, Iran’s state media said on Sunday.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has said Iran should remain wary of its arch-enemy the United States even after a landmark accord over Tehran’s nuclear program, awarded the Fath (Victory) medal to the head of the navy of the Revolutionary Guards and four commanders involved in the seizure of two U.S. Navy boats.

After seeing John Kerry and his bicycle in Paris, our left wing press and friends across the aisle seem to have forgotten that Iran is the enemy. They have forgotten that the reason a nuclear deal was even needed was because Iran was on their way to obtaining nuclear weapons to use to destroy Israel and eventually, all of us here in the Great Satan, too. That the bad guys held Americans in uniform at gunpoint on the deck of a captured American vessel and took photos and video is the sort of thing that in years past would have united Americans in anger.


But America is full of Obama drones now. Democrats of even as recent as the 80s and 90s are just that, relics of the past. There is no humiliation of our troops or our nation sufficient to upset the Democrats of today. There is no amount of raping sufficient. No amount of beheading. No amount of terrorizing Christians, or throwing gay men and women from rooftops, or friends of Hillary being murdered in embassies that is sufficient to upset them. In fact the only thing I can imagine actually stirring their outrage would be for someone to insult The One. And I’m not even positive about that.

President Obama speaks of being on the wrong side of history. It’s a thought that grows from his serene belief that eventually every being will attain his level of enlightenment and look back on the unwashed masses with disdain. But the real wrong side of history is all too easy to identify and has nothing to do with eventually being judged ‘intolerant.” It is sometimes called the dustbin. It is where empires and fighters and cowards alike have gone. To their end. It’s what happens when you don’t win. You’re on the wrong side. The losing side.


No, it was not “no big deal.” And it certainly was not a great demonstration of Kerry’s statesmanship or deal-making that our warriors were held captive and exploited. The regime gave out medals for it. That’s the only thing it was a demonstration of: Iran’s belief .. Iran’s correct belief, that they have nothing to fear. The giant has gone back to sleep.

Think about it as you cast your votes in primaries and caucuses and the election this year.


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