Here Is The BLISTERING Anti-Trump Ad That Will Run In Sunday's Des Moines Register

Today the Des Moines Register had good news for Donald Trump, who was the leader in their final poll prior to the caucus vote. Tomorrow in Sunday’s edition, there is a less friendly page for Trump, and perhaps an attempt at a corrective against tonight’s poll results.


Our Principles Pac is running the full page against Trump, and it won’t just be in one paper. “This print ad hits every major paper in the state and will reach thousands of traditional, high turnout caucus-goers,” says a spokesman for the group.

Here is a portion of the ad. To see the full print ad in PDF format, simply click on the image.


It’s so simple, so brief, and so very accurate.

The ad directs readers to the website, which features the absolutely brutal video ad we saw here at RedState last week.

We are told so often that the average Trump voter is not a rabid person, not a cult of personality follower, not one of those Twitter users. No, they are regular, reasonable people. Well regular, reasonable people consider the facts and the record. This is a chance to do that very thing.

I hope some will take it.


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