No, Ted Cruz Did NOT Support Amnesty, Concedes Megyn Kelly After #GOPDebate

During the Fox News/Google GOP debate on Thursday night, the candidates, especially Rubio and Cruz, were taken to task over their record on immigration. In one exchange, moderator Megyn Kelly challenged Senator Cruz to on whether, based on his amendments offered, he supported legalization. “Yes it would,” said Kelly of his amendment.


However, later that evening Kelly interviewed Cruz and conceded an important point. That being pretty much the opposite, which is that he did not and does not support legalizing the status of people here illegally.

First, what was said at the debate:

“It would have allowed for legalization, but not citizenship. Yes it would. Pressed last month on why you supported legalization, you claimed that you didn’t. Right? Like you just did.”

That’s a pretty unambiguous assertion that Cruz did absolutely support legalization. Now here is later during the interview:

“I looked back at your record a lot to see, did Ted Cruz really want legalization or didn’t he? I think the record supports you that you did not want it. It does.”

Now, that kind of reversal would probably get a ridiculous insult tweet from Donald Trump. Surely Ted Cruz called her a bimbo or a clown or something, right? Nope. But he did introduce his daughter to her.


Debate moderator and reporter doing an interview are two different hats, and Kelly wears both well. Last night, she did once again, giving the candidates challenges that they were either up to the task of answering or were not. In this case, a bit of phrasing was off. But the record is clear.

Ted Cruz was not supporting legalization of illegal immigrants. His record shows that. His statements show that. And Megyn Kelly agrees with that.

Case closed.

H/T The Right Scoop (who has the full post-debate interview posted)


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