Dana Loesch Absolutely SHREDS Donald Trump Over Conservative Credibility [VIDEO]

On Fox News on Thursday, host Megyn Kelly had several guests on to discuss Donald Trump in light of the new “Against Trump” issue of National Review. Radio and Television host and long-time tea party star Dana Loesch was among the many panelists.

In the coming days, National Review will have their own conservative credibility questioned. Along the same lines, Loesch was asked about the conservative and, more specifically, tea party cred, and whether The Donald has any. In her answers, Loesch candidly and passionately made her case that he has none at all.

“I didn’t stand out, I didn’t phone bank, and I didn’t go door to door, for an increased mandate for ethanol. I didn’t do it for eminent domain,” said Loesch, referring to the inception of the tea party movement. “I feel as though a lot of this has turned into popularity over principle.”

From there, Loesch really opened up in her criticism, citing specific policy issues, and frankly shredded Trump over his long history of anti-conserative views and his total lack of record standing up for conservative values.

“I’ve never gone out there and said ‘you know what? I really think we need ot subsidize big corn out in Iowa. We need to subsidize ethanol. We need to call for an increase in that mandate.’ That is not a conservative principle. There is no way you look at it Megyn, that what he called for this week on the campaign trail .. that is not conservative. It is not conservative to bastardize the fifth amendment nad say that ’eminent domain, we can actually collude with private businesses, and not for public use, to go after private property owners and take their property without even fair compensation or just compensation as it is written constitutionally. 

“And as far as the second amendment, look I love conversions. I hope that he’s a convert on this issue because this is an issue close to my heart. I’m here at Shot Show right now. This is the first time that I’ve ever known Donald Trump to make an appearance at any kind of gun show, whether it’s NRA or Shot Show. He was for the assault weapons ban a couple of years ago. Is it an authentic conversion? And that is not bad or establishment to ask.”

It is not necessarily the case that a Trump voter is not conservative, but it is certainly the case that these positions held by Trump recently and even currently should be fair game for discussion in a primary. Every candidate’s record is on the examination table. Would Trump fans call themselves “establishment” for questioning the conservative credibility of Rubio or Cruz on immigration? No, obviously not.

Then by the same token, proven anti-establishment, tea party, second amendment stalwarts like Dana Loesch who have a long and readily-, publicly available history of fighting for conservative causes have earned the credibility to question his conservative credibility without being accused of being “establishment” tools. Otherwise the words conservative and credibility hold no meaning anymore.