New Anti-Trump 'Buyer Beware' Ad From Make America Awesome Will Put You Off Grocery Stores Forever

Today a new web ad came from Make America Awesome, the SuperPAC dedicated to defeating Donald Trump. It’s in a rare style for political ads but one that is familiar to millennials or people who spend too much time on the internet (yours truly) from hundreds short clips and Vines that are passed around every day.


In this case, you see someone shopping for a new Presidential candidate and finding a treat in the box that was not wanted.

Yeah, so, those boxes? I see those at a grocery store, I am not going back. Holy mackerel. Terrifying. But they are correct.

Make America Awesome’s Liz Mair offers this explanation:

“As voters finish their ‘shopping’ for a candidate, we’re highlighting that if you ‘buy’ Trump, you’ll get a lot of crap you never wanted. Four bankruptcies, a record setting number; even more huge, new, crippling debt, as a result of his spending plans; big government, since Trump’s policy agenda is almost identical to your average liberal Democrat’s; single-payer health care, which Trump advocates while praising Canada’s health care system; and things like government watchlists, to boot. The ad deliberately avoids the glitz and slick editing that many political ads utilize, to emphasize the stark message: Buyer beware; the Trump ‘package’ contains a lot of stuff you didn’t bank on, and you really don’t want.” — Liz Mair, Strategist, Make America Awesome

I love this ad, both in style and substance. There is a truth about Trump that his more politically informed supporters will certainly concede, which is that he comes with a lot of extras. The difference is that some are willing to tolerate them because only Trump can fix illegals or this’ll teach the establishment or some other reason they find sufficient to overlook the fact that he is not a conservative. I suppose we now count Sarah Palin among those calculating that his liberal big city values are “good enough”.


But there are out there thousands of voters who are not so politically informed. I hope they watch this and look into the actual reason so many people oppose Trump so strongly. It’s easy to believe the childish notion that he is disliked because “he says aloud what others only think” or that he’s not “beholden” to anyone because he’s a rich guy. But if you actually give a crap about who is in the White House, maybe look a little deeper and find out who he actually is. I promise you he’s not what Sarah Palin 2008 edition would have supported.

If you do wish to stop Donald Trump’s rise, you can donate to Make America Awesome here. And if you need a little more motivation, just watch the above-mentioned Liz Mair tear Ann Coulter to pieces over being conservative. It’s a good thing.


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