Highlights and Lowlights From Sarah Palin's Trump Endorsement Speech Spectacular

Tonight, long-time conservative superstar and sometimes TV reality star Sarah Palin endorsed Donald J. Trump for President, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of old and signifying the new age. As usual, I was sitting at home in a dark room staring at the television when it happened. So here are the big moments.


First, Sarah showed up in one humdinger of a jacket that got a little bit of buzz on its own. It’s easily the most this jacket has been talked about since it was worn in an Earth, Wind and Fire concert back in 1976.

Hey, every famous person’s clothing choices are fair game for humor, so simmer down, Josh.

The bulk of Gov. Palin’s speech was an appeal to those conservatives and Republican base voters who are not supporting Trump. In other words, mainly people who currently support Ted Cruz.

Which is, in theory, an effective strategy. In practice, she lost her place several times, got a less than enthusiastic crowd response, and generally didn’t really make any statements of substance.


Avoiding policy is not only a general stump speech practice, it’s particularly a Trump practice, both on the stump and in interviews. Policy is not his bag baby. But he’s going to hire really smart people to handle those things. People like, we can infer, Sarah Palin.

This was typical of her approach. She addressed the concern that he wasn’t conservative enough merely by mocking the idea that his critics know the meaning of the word …

… And she addressed the New York Values by saying he’s a family man who loves God. Trump, too, has been trying to really press the “man of God, man of the people” theme the last few days.

Make no mistake, that is because the “New York Values” attack hit home and hit hard. But those values are now fine by Sarah Palin.

The other parts of the speech were filled with the typical, and typically effective, hoo-yah America lines that make Palin famous and popular. Although the crowd in the house didn’t seem to get riled up by her speech, which she was clearly reading off of notecards and which at one point she totally lost her place in, it’s certain that the sound bites will play well. Palin’s truisms always do.


All in all, I’d say she did what she came out there to do and gave Trump what he wanted. Whether it will effectively change any voters minds remains to be seen. Personally, I’d be surprised if it did.

Here are some sample reactions from Twitter:


(note: OPM is what Palin meant to say. As in “other people’s money.” It just didn’t quite come out right.)

But by far, the tweet of the night goes to my friend Wayne Dupree:

Because if you like Donald Trump, as Wayne does, or if you dislike Trump, that observation works equally well.


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