No, Facebook Did Not 'Now' Let You Find And Delete Friends Who Support Trump

There is a story going viral on Facebook today suggesting there is a new functionality to the website allowing you to find and eliminate friends who like Donald Trump. The article that is being shared so much is from Distractify. Here is a sample.


You can waste hours and hours of your life arguing and responding to some stupid sh*t people post on Facebook. Like someone who was pissed off that you posted that Donald Trump was attacked by a bald eagle. In fact, these days, you’ve probably seen a lot of heinous support for Donald Trump on your feed and it’s starting to grind your gears.

So instead of engaging in a pointless debate or seeing some silly ass stuff that’ll only piss you off, here’s how you can easily dump anyone who supports the Donald.

Then the writer explains how to do it. Here is a screenshot of the title of the post.


It’s the “NOW” that has people riled up. One commenter said that “Things like this are going to make me start to like Trump.” Another said “Total bias. Why don’t they do this for other candidates?”

George Takei posted on it as well.


As in, people think this is an action undertaken by Facebook against Trump in particular. You see, it’s that pesky NOW in the title.

But that’s totally wrong. In fact, this is simply existing functionality. You can follow the same steps to find friends who like anything. Try this:

  • Go to your search tab.
  • Search for: “my friends who like Funny Cat Videos”
  • See who they are and smile.

This is not something new. And to say “now” as if it’s just a Donald Trump related thing is totally misleading. You can search for who likes anything. The things your friends Like are also right there on their profile page, just like they always have been.

There’s nothing new to see here. Except maybe you want to search for “my friends who like Distractify.” You know, for research.

You can see more of my Facebook mythbusting at my personal blog: Rabble Writer.



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