We Regulate Toys And Guns, So Why Not Sally Kohn?

Ten thousand children are killed every single year by our completely unregulated gun industry that has fewer safety measures in place than the window blinds market!!!
– A thing CNN tried to make you believe

Oh isn’t the media fun? But unbiased though. But fun! Let’s talk about that. Well use an example about gun control. Here is an awesome correction that was added to a CNN story from Sally Kohn that was published online late last week:

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this opinion essay misstated the number of children killed every year by guns. 10,000 children are killed or injured by guns every year, according to American Academy of Pediatrics.

That is quite a difference. The actual numbers are easy to find, and John Cardillo of The John Cardillo Show and The Blaze did exactly that, posting them on Twitter. “11,961 total homicides. Only 1,085 victims under 18. Not 10,000 by gun.” That’s right, a thousand eighty-five under 18 murdered in total, not necessarily even by guns. It took outside correction to force CNN to make the change. As Charles Cooke notes, the claim was repeated many times in the article, and of course tweeted by Sally Kohn.

I don’t even want to start asking why Sally Kohn is writing for CNN in the first place. We all know why. Rubio and Cruz pointed it out last week. No, the point here is that this was quite a correction indeed. In fact, it is the 10,000th such correction by CNN of a Sally Kohn article. I mean, I’m just guessing, which is surely good enough for putting it online. Maybe they’ll post it at CNN?

But even with the eventual forced correction of Kohn’s ridiculous claim that no person in their right mind could possibly believe but which nevertheless fooled her and any editors CNN may or may not have (I hear they have 10,000), the article is still preposterous.


First, the correction doesn’t address the scope of the original lie. Back to Cardillo for some perspective.

Wrong by a factor of 12. Wrong about how many were accidental. And please note the important word “illegal” in there. Those and more were tweeted prior to the correction. How did Kohn respond?

Catch that sarcastic tone? Her implication here is NBD. Oh my mistake, they weren’t all killed, some were injured. Like it’s all just ugly gun-toting quibbling by murderous jerks who don’t care if kids are hurt or killed by the tens of thousands.

Only that, too, was a lie.

Let’s take a quick look back at where we are so far. The first number, 10,000 children killed per year by guns, was totally wrong. The corrected number of 10,000 killed *or injured* was also wrong. And not a little bit wrong, these were wrong by a humongous, gigantic, absurd amount. Super duper wrong. On a scale of one to ten, its wrongess was ~10,000. Her tweets were also wrong. Her implications were wrong. Her premise was wrong. And the correction on the CNN article was not only inadequate, it was and is still wrong on the facts.


And yet there’s more.

Take, for example, this silly paragraph:

But wait, you might be thinking the analogy to guns isn’t accurate. After all, gun deaths are caused by people, right? Not defective products. But about once per month, a child is killed by the cords on window blinds. Arguably, window cord blinds aren’t inherently deadly. And arguably, parents are to blame for not watching their kids more closely or putting the blind cords where children can’t reach them. But an average of 12 deaths per year from innocuous window blinds is still enough to spur government to action. Last year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to begin a rule-making process that will likely lead to mandatory safety standards for window shade manufacturers.

Is Sally Kohn suggesting that the government ban the product of window blinds? Is she suggesting that people get a background check to own window blinds? Perhaps she is suggesting that we close the garage sale loophole?

Well … no. She’s saying that the cords were allowed, but now there will be some rules at some point. They won’t stop selling them, just put safety on the blinds, if you will. And keep in mind there is no constitutional right to own a window blinds, something Kohn dismisses as rather irrelevant.

But the Second Amendment doesn’t mean we have to hand out guns like candy without reasonable safety precautions and regulations.

Because that is totally happening. I remember just last week I was in Everytown, USA, and the government was there forcing gun stores to just hand out guns to everyone. I was like “oh, I have to fly this afternoon, can you mail mine to me?” But they were all, no way buddy, and gave me a bag full of handguns, each wrapped in little foil wrappers. You know, like candy. What a day!


No Sally Kohn, that did not actually happen. You see, guns, as it turns out, are not unregulated. There are already laws governing them. There is restricted access. There are background checks. How could there be a supposed loophole in the law that must be closed if there were no laws governing guns?

She is literally suggesting that because of a vote to begin a rule-making process, window blinds are more regulated than guns.

Don’t think so? Listen to her closing paragraph:

We take far greater precautions to protect handfuls of children from toys and window cords and cribs. Shouldn’t we take even the most modest, common sense steps to protect children — and all of us — from deadly guns?

For gun controllers, lies come easily and often. They believe, correctly, that if they can slip the lies in, they will become part of the narrative and sway people in their direction.

Ten thousand children are killed every single year by our completely unregulated gun industry that has fewer safety measures in place than the window blinds market!!

That’s the lie Kohn started out with in her article. That’s the lie that was not really corrected by CNN’s not-really-a-correction. Because they don’t really care if it’s totally factual, it’s true in spirit. Ten thousand kids might as well have died, for all anyone knows or cares. That’s how they see it. So lies are how they operate.

The title of Sally Kohn’s article for CNN is: “We regulate toys, so why not guns?” and of course the answer is, “We do Sally. We do regulate them.” The real question is, if we regulate toys and guns, why don’t we regulate Sally Kohn? I mean, she’s no window blinds, but her lies are big enough to choke a horse.



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