What Do Americans Know About Hillary?

National Review has a new video up today that asks if Americans really know Hillary Clinton. If the voters really know what they are getting. After all, whenever the mainstream media talks about her, in reverent tones, they can’t stop telling voters how great she is, even as they lead into the stories of scandal, fraud, lies, and deceit.


She’s the most qualified? True. Nobody has more experience misleading and taking advantage of Americans than Hillary Clinton. Except maybe her husband but I’m marking that one “too close to call.”

As NR puts it:

We don’t know what other skeletons may come out of Clinton’s closet, before or after she makes it to the White House. America can’t risk electing someone so untrustworthy — it’s time we took her contempt for transparency seriously.

What do we know about Hillary? Not nearly enough about what she did as Secretary of State. But EXACTLY enough to know she’s a disaster waiting to happen.


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