The Myth of Moderate Islam

Steven Crowder makes the case that moderate Islam, as told by our liberal betters, is a myth. (With a little help from Dana Loesch!)

Crowder tears apart the moderate Muslim myth in a blistering new “Louder with Crowder” this week, addressing the blatantly ridiculous claim made by President Obama that ISIS is “not Islamic.”


From the legal execution of converts to the the institutionalized abuse of women, from the radical countries to the Disney-friendly kingdoms, Crowder outlines exactly why the Islamic State is Islamic, and it is, in fact, many states.

The progressives and liberals in America have long been in a state of severe cognitive dissonance about the nature of the threat the world faces. But the words of those who would threaten are plain, and the laws that enable them are codified, and the practices that exemplify them are plentiful, and religion that started it all has a name. And it has a state. And we are at war with that state.

Whether liberals like it or not.


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