RNC Chair Responds To Cliven Bundy's Racist Comments

Chairman Reince Priebus spared no kind words for remarks made by Cliven Bundy yesterday regarding slavery and entitlements. In a statement issued this morning, Priebus said, “Bundy’s comments are completely beyond the pale. Both highly offensive and 100% wrong on race.”

This morning on the popular Coffee and Markets, guest Chairman Reince Preibus discussed a number of issues with the hosts. Among those, the Chairman was asked about Bundy. The Chairman notes that he has not followed the story up to this point, but does note that the government’s actions seem “heavy-handed.” He is also clear that he does not think anything that Bundy has had to say, or anything that has occurred at the Bundy ranch so far, will have any impact on whether or not Las Vegas is selected as the convention city in 2016.

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Commenting on remarks made by Cliven Bundy is necessary in light of the fact that his standoff with the Bureau of Land Management is the focus of not only intense media attention, but the focus of a great deal of sentiment on the right, much in support of him prior to these outrageous statements. However, as Dana Loesch rightly noted on her radio show, the relative scumminess of one Cliven Bundy is not diagnostic of whether the BLM acted appropriately, whether the use of endangered species “protections” to seize land or force private citizens off of it is just, or whether or not there is a legitimate moral and conservative concern about government overreach in this story at all.


Bundy’s disgusting perspective on race has nothing to do with the BLM. And it only has to do with the story at all in two specific ways. One: the legitimate question of whether or not conservatives and Republicans will object loudly to Bundy’s repeated offense. And Two: the degree to which Democrats feel they can use him as a bludgeon against Republicans.

As RedState readers well know, there is a diversity of opinion as to the merits of the arguments in support of or in opposition to the Bundy ranch situation. None of that has anything to do with whether or not Cliven Bundy is, in fact, grotesquely offensive and racist. Which he absolutely is. And the RNC Chair responded. Wouldn’t anybody?

Wouldn’t they, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz??

Compare …

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