Book Review: One Nation Under God

littlepatriots1One Nation Under God, by Amelia Hamilton, is a book aimed, ostensibly, at the very young. But though the rhyme and the illustrations are for children, what the book offers is something every member of American society could use a little more of these days. It’s a handy, and timely, reminder of some of the basic values and principles on which this nation is predicated, and upon which it yet depends.


From One to Ten, the book explores core American ideas without apology. One: nation under God. Two: chambers in Congress. Five: branches in our military. All the way up to Ten: Amendments in the Bill of Rights.

The style of the book mirrors and exemplifies what parents today have come to expect from children’s books: age appropriate, without talking down; simple, without being ineffective; and most of all, positive and informative without being pandering or dull.

When my children were very small, I first began to notice how the public school system minimized or, in some cases, completely left out key pieces of American history. Children today are taught to be haunted by the sins of the past, without being reminded to celebrate the glories. As a parent in today’s world and in today’s political climate, you are hard pressed to find outside information for your kids that reminds you of the lessons you learned when you were young.

LittlePatriotsPeople my age remember being taught to be patriotic. We remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance, learning the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and My Country Tis of Thee. I very distinctly remember the awe and reverence that surrounded the lives and times of the Founding Fathers. American history captured my imagination as a child. Not just the stories of battles, revolutions, cowboys, explorers and achievers. But the notion of breaking away from the traditional top down model of government that had guided mankind for centuries. I remember the fascination with George Washington. We played him in school plays. We told tall tales of his childhood. We dreamed of his victories in war and in peace.


One Nation Under God reflects and remembers that piece of America, and Americana, that has become all too rare in this country today. Any responsible parent can and should consider this an essential part of their child’s early, and even not so early, education.

Well written, well constructed, accurate, and entertaining, the book lives up to the series title: Growing Patriots. Because that’s what you’ll be doing. You’ll be growing little patriots.

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