A Tale Of Shoe Pities: Bush Versus Hillary In Footwear Follies

This morning on Fox and Friends, the hosts aired a short segment showing media reactions to the Bush shoe toss incident versus the reactions to the Hillary dodge from last week. Let’s go to the tape:

“Good for him.”

I am sure that you are as surprised as I am by this unpredictable turn of events. The brief segment above doesn’t even come close to covering it for those of us with memory that extends back before 2008. The Bush shoe was an indictment of the man and his policies. The thrower a folk hero. Not so for Hillary, who’s “the precious” pose is a sign of her poise and puissance.

Last week Eric Holder mentioned something we’ve heard a million times since Obama took office: that folks in this administration are treated differently than in any previous administration. I agree. Obama, Holder, and Hillary get the kid gloves and reverence reserved for royalty. President Bush just got the the old toss.


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