Matt Bevin: Mitch McConnell Is A Bully With A Thirty-Year 'Machiavellian Death-Grip'

Last week, FreedomWorks hosted #FreePAC Kentucky, a grassroots rally and gathering that featured excellent speakers and a fired up base. One of the most popular speakers was Senate candidate and Mitch McConnell primary-foe Matt Bevin. I had the chance to speak with him after the even for a few quick questions.


“For thirty years, nobody has wanted to run against this guy. For thirty years he has been a bully who has intimidated people, and he has had this Machiavellian death-grip on people, and he has caused people to live in fear. But this our government, we pay his salary, and there is no reason people should be intimidated by a man who works for them.”

More strong words from a conference with plenty of them. This crowd and these speakers were not there to mess around. This is a group that is ready to get serious.

Serious about running. Serious about winning. And absolutely dead serious about what it means to the party to take on the entrenched leadership in the GOP. And he has serious momentum behind him to do just that.

You can listen to Matt Bevin’s full speech here (along with a very strong endorsement from Glenn Beck), or you can visit his website here to support his campaign.

You know, if you’re ready to get serious about sending a message.


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