VIDEO: Matt Bevin Gets Grassroots And Glenn Beck FIRED UP At #FreePAC

Yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky, FreedomWorks hosted FreePAC, a gathering of conservative grassroots activists. The libertarian-leaning, strongly independent crowd were active and engaged throughout the very successful meeting.


One of the speakers who truly inspired the crowd was the man who’s name was on signs all over the auditorium: Kentucky Senate candidate and Mitch McConnell side-thorn Matt Bevin. Here is speech:

“There are many people that will tell you that what is going on in this race, and in races like this, including those that you’ve heard on this stage, there are people that would have you believe that this race is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party. Don’t be so easily fooled. Don’t be so easily fooled. What this race is about, this race and races like this, this election cycle, and cycles like this and the 2016 Presidential cycle .. what this is about is a battle for the heart and soul of the entire electoral process in the United States of America. What is at stake is: who is still in charge?”

The crowd weren’t the only ones fired up, though. Check out what Glenn Beck had to say:

“Called of God.” That’s quite an endorsement.


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