WWGO - November 11, 2013


Today is November 11th. Today is Veteran’s Day. (And if you missed it, yesterday was the Marine Corps Birthday.) On this date in 1620, the Mayflower Compact was signed aboard ship in what is now Provincetown Harbor in Massachusetts. The signers had originally been headed for Virginia, but turned north when they heard Terry McAuliffe had been elected as governor. And speaking of Pilgrims, take a trip yourself, why not, and visit the links below. As always, consider this an Open Thread.



Hundreds Turn Up to Lay Lonely Veteran to Rest After Obit Goes Viral | ABC

Five Facts About The Deficit | Pocket Full of Liberty

Bruce Campbell Pays Tribute To Vets | Twitchy

Progressive Apologist: We Forced Obama to Lie to Us Because We’re Immature or Something | Ace of Spades HQ

Gonzaga Students Placed On Probation For Defending Themselves With Legally Owned Handgun | Hot Air

Obama’s Stunning Snub | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

What In The Tweet Is Going On?


rectitudinous audio pronunciation
rek-tuh-TOO-duh-nus adjective : 1. characterized by the quality of being honest and morally correct 2. piously self-righteous
(via Merriam-Webster)

Example: 1. Not liberals. 2. Liberals.



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