RNC Protester On Tearing The System Down

The below video is a “conversation” between an interviewer with Revealing Politics and a very angry bandanna.


Bandanna says “choice A” and “choice B”, presumably the Republicans and Democrats, are fighting for the same things and “lying openly to the American people”. He cites the constitution to express his belief that the whole system should be abolished and replaced, which is not really surprising, as everyone knows that bandannas and systems are natural enemies in the wild.

Leaving aside the process by which the system would be abolished, his idea for replacing it is genius. Democracy and freedom, my friends. But not capitalism. Also, banks and stuff! Bandanna and interviewer didn’t get very far into the weeds discussing details and policies that Bandanna would prefer, or methods of saving and investment that he would find acceptable, but we did get some lovely yelling about things and wild gesturing. Hey, every day can’t be Christmas.

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