Daily Links - August 23, 2012

Today is August 23rd. • On this date in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama announced his selection of Joe Biden for running mate in the presidential election. “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” Said everyone everywhere. • On this date in 1305, William Wallace was executed in London. His final words were “Sorry about Lethal Weapon 4!” • On this date in 1989, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life. Upon hearing the verdict, Rose exclaimed “10 to 1! JACKPOT!” • And finally, on this date in 1904, Harold D. Weed was issued a patent for snow chains for automobile tires. The product’s slogan was “Dave’s not here man!” • Consider this an Open Thread.


Debunking Medicare Reform Myths | The Foundry
“Here’s a summary of the most common arguments against premium support and why they don’t hold up against facts:”

Poll-Tested Fictions | The Corner
“In its continuing effort to advise Democrats on how to best deceive the public, the New York Times commissioned polls in three swing states — Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin — over the past week and tested a Medicare message for the president.”

“Independent” watchdog on energy loans turns into big Obama donor | Hot Air
“But the two-week difference still raises a lot of questions about when Allison stopped being an independent reviewer and started being a fan.”

Breaking Wind | Free Beacon
How a foreign wind power company took tens of millions of U.S. dollars before laying-off hundreds of Americans

Virginia Democrat Challenger Seems Mighty Angry | JH Politics
“I understand the frustration politicians feel when they’re being “tracked”, but resorting to physical altercations in public settings is one of the worst things someone running for office can do.”


dundrearies (dun-DREER-eez): noun long flowing sideburns
Via Merriam-Webster.com


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