Daily Links - March 2, 2012

Today is March 2nd. On this very date, in 1904, a man they called Dr. Seuss was born. Dr. Seuss wrote books, both thick books and thin, some of the best children’s books that there’ve been. And when he died, in ’91, not one person found it very much fun. But we still have the books, we most certainly do. And we’ll read them, ’cause that’s what we doodly-do. But now read the links, read them closely, be clear. After all, an election is coming this year.


Chevy Volt “Temporarily” Halts Production | Jammie Wearing Fools
“Sure enough, as soon as he utters the words, GM announces they’re halting production on the firetraps, for now.”

Stephen Bannon: We’ll release Breitbart tapes | Hot Air
“They exist, says Bannon, and he and some of the “Big” guys like Joel Pollak and Larry O’Connor are going through them.”

CNN Guest Says It’s Devilish to Use the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’ | Newsbusters
“I think on our shoulder we have the proverbial angel, and we have the devil over here who’s dressed up as Wyatt Earp. And Wyatt Earp is the law man, and he uses the term illegal”

And from the “oh scientists, you so crazy” file:
Building a That’s What She Said Classifier | Edwin Chen’s Blog
“Amusingly, sentences starting with wow, oh, and ugh, tend to be good candidates for TWSS sentences, as well as sentences containing it’s too and it’s so.”


Today’s Word of the Day comes via Merriam-Webster.
yuppify: verb to make appealing to yuppies; also : to infuse with the qualities or values of yuppies.


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