Warrior: Two Excellent Remembrances of Andrew Breitbart

I have two more fitting tributes to Andrew Breitbart that I missed in my Daily Links post. First up, an excellent video tribute released by the Franklin Center, and produced by RedState’s own Ben Howe:


Today, we mourn the loss of Andrew Breitbart – author, commentator, publisher, and one of the nation’s top citizen journalists – who challenged the establishment media with boldness and ignited a grassroots movement of online activism.

And secondly, my friend (and one my heroes) Ann McElhinney has a very insightful post on Facebook. Ann spent time with Andrew in the last few days of his life.

We drove together on Saturday from Troy to Detroit airport. We had both made speeches at an AFP event over the weekend. He got in the car and immediately complained of feeling really ill. I presumed it was because we had drank too much the evening before. Turns out I was wrong. Andrew was probably dying. But despite this he talked so animatedly about Fox News’ dated aesthetic, a CNN offer to team up with Weiner for a talk show, an Aaron Sorkin offer and of the fight, the fight–always the fight–to tell the truth and expose the liars.

He liked to use the word warrior. A few weeks ago we were both in Traverse City for another event and the Dana Loesch peeing over the Taliban storm in tea cup erupted. A conservative event planned for the following day had decided to drop Dana. Andrew hated those people. We stayed up super late that night. Andrew tweeted like a crazy thing. He was on the phone and texting, defending his “warrior princess” as he called Dana. I was a witness to those calls and to the texts and tweets coming from the cowardly organizers, the “it’s out of my hands” crowd. Andrew hated you guys; you know who you are.


Read the whole thing here. It’s a wonderful and fitting good bye (not to mention a few revelations).


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