Christie: "I’m not going to be cross-examined by you this morning."

Below, watch Chris Christie deliver an epic smack down:

Via Newsbusters, which has a partial transcript. Here is the red meat:

“Let’s have the President of the United States show some courage, come on this program, look into the camera like I’m looking into the camera and state his position,” the Governor continued. “He won’t because he wants to have it both ways.”

“I’m not looking to have it both ways,” said Christie. “I vetoed the bill. That’s my position. What I’ve offered to the supporters of same sex marriage is if one of your reasons for why I should have signed it is because you’re telling me the majority of the people in New Jersey want it then prove it. Put it on the ballot and prove it. At least I’m standing up for what I believe in. The President has hidden on this issue, Jonathan, he’s hidden on it. He wants to have it both ways.”


That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you deal with spin. Consider this an Open Thread.


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