Tom Tancredo: Perry a "fraud", Paul's fans "nuts", Newt's plan full of "holes"

TIRNation has been posting a lot of video during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, all worth watching. Below, watch Ben Howe interview Tom Tancredo. At around the six minute mark, Congressman Tancredo remarks on the (at the time) current GOP candidates.


Congressman Tancredo says that Rick Perry is a “fraud on almost every issue” he can think of. On Newt’s immigration plan: it “has more holes in it than my old underwear and I think it smells worse.” He says that Santorum is the closest to his own immigration views. While I obviously think he’s wrong on virtually every point he makes, the real winner here is the viewer. Land sharks disavowing Ron Paul, smelly underwear … it really has it all. Oh, and he advocates for a national popular vote, but that part wasn’t as funny.


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