Election Night at RedState

Tonight, stick with RedState for up to date online coverage of what I’m calling (D)emolition 2010. We will be hosting a CoverItLive chat once the results start rolling in.


We also have a nifty chart (that will be updated regularly with results) that shows the 122 House Districts currently held by Dems that are legitimately in play. For each Democrat, the chart includes the Democrat’s margin of victory in 2008, as well as Barack Obama’s vote total (by percentage) in 2008, so that readers will be able to see exactly how large the wave is. The chart also includes, for each Democrat, the rating assigned to the race by each of the major political prognosticators, so that it will theoretically be easy to predict fairly early on how large the wave will be (by assessing whether seats ranked “Lean D” or “Likely D” are falling to Republicans on the east coast, or whether all the toss-ups are uniformly falling to Republicans).

And of course, Erick will be on the air on CNN, and his Twitter feed will be piped in to our live chat. You might say he’ll be multi-basking. We also have RedState contributors on the air on FTRRadio.com throughout the evening, and on the FreedomWorks live video coverage.

So stick with us folks. As Lori likes to say, it’s sure to be schadenfreudelicious!


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