Lee Fisher Is Having A Tough Week

Earlier this week, I pointed out that Democrat Senate candidate Lee Fisher of Ohio had some trouble counting volunteers during the 4th of July weekend. (Hey, what’s 48 phantom people between friends right?) His overestimate was widely and hilariously mocked. Not a fun start to your work week there. Well, not for him anyway, I thought it was hilarious.


And it didn’t get any better for Lee as the week went on. On Wednesday, the Hill pointed out that, months after the primary, Ohio Dems are still split.

Two months after their Senate primary was settled, Ohio Democrats remain divided.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has yet to endorse Senate nominee Lee Fisher (D) and officials say she won’t, even as she prepares to remain politically active once her term expires in January.

Fisher beat Brunner by a comfortable double-digit margin in their May 4 primary — a race that had its share of nasty twists and turns.

The bitterness continued Monday, when Brunner, in an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, bashed the state’s Democratic “establishment.”

Togetherness. You’re doing it wrong! Super wrong. But hey, the first half of the week is always the worst. Bet it got better as the … oh. I see …

On to Thursday. Politico’s Morning Score reported on fundraising in the race:

SENATE SNEAK PEEK: Former Ohio Rep. Rob Portman will announce today he raised $2.65 million for his Senate campaign in the second quarter and finished the month of June with $8.8 million in the bank. That’s not just an impressive performance: it’s an impressive and sustained performance, since the Republican also took in $2.35 million during the first three months of the year. Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher hasn’t shared his fundraising numbers yet but is expected to be at a serious disadvantage.


Serious disadvantage. Tsk tsk. Pretty much everyone pointed out the bad news, in case poor Lee missed it at Politico. See here, here, here, here, here, and here, for example.

And now we come to Friday, and what is, if television and Twitter are any indication, THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN THE HISTORY OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE … Lebron.

Remember what Joe Biden guaranteed just over a week ago?

“LeBron James is coming back, and Lee is going to Washington!”

Using the Lee Fisher scale, that’s 50 rock solid promises right there. But oh dear

Fortunately for Vice President Joe Biden, he was not in Ohio on Thursday night raising political money.

Biden was in California raising political money.

Biden’s Buckeye problem would be that last week at a political fundraiser for Lee Fisher, a Democrat Senate candidate, Biden assured his Cleveland audience that Fisher was bound for Washington and that city’s top NBA star would choose to stay with the Cavaliers:

“LeBron James is coming back,” Biden promised.

On Thursday evening in a rather strange TV spectacle, free agent LeBron James announced in absentia from his once-adoring Ohio fans that he would sign to play with the Miami Heat. As in Florida. Not Ohio.


Please stop chuckling, I’m not quite finished.

Keep in mind the Biden-clad promises were made at the same fundraiser that helped to leave Fisher at a “serious disadvantage”.

It’s been a bad week for Lee Fisher, yes indeed it has. And I’m guessing Biden will prove as right about Fisher and DC as he was about LeBron and Cleveland.


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