"Hillary to World: Raise Your Taxes!"

Rowan Scarborough has the top story today at Human Events:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in her push for higher taxes around the world, asserted facts about Brazil’s economy that are contradicted by her own department’s official profile of the South American country.

Clinton has taken on an odd diplomatic priority by urging the U.S., and other countries, to raise taxes. She said during a trip to Pakistan that the country needed to increase taxes.

“At the risk of maybe sounding undiplomatic, Pakistan has to have more internal investment in your public services and in your business opportunities,” she said last October. “By any fair measure, for example, the percentage of taxes of [gross domestic product] is among the lowest in the world. The United States, we tax ourselves, depending upon who is in power, somewhere between 16% and 23% of GDP, and right now, it usually hovers around 20%. You’re less than half of that.”


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