Megyn Kelly on Joe McGinniss: "Deplorable"

Via Palin Twibe:

Anyone who can’t see the creep factor in this either has their blinders on or their blinds closed and their binoculars out. (Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground.) The smarmy lefties batting their eyelashes and coyly pretending not to see a problem aren’t fooling anyone. Setting up a 24/7 surveillance unit on a politician’s home and family life would normally provoke widespread outrage, or at least tsk tsk-ing. But this is Sarah Palin. She’s fair game.

This papparazo wouldn’t be getting titters and giggles if it were, oh, say Cindy Sheehan back when she mattered. Or how about Meghan McCain? Hmm? But it’s Sarah Palin, so it’s out with the outrage, in with the willful ignorance.


Bottom line: they’ll come to your home. Whether in a mob of 500 for an afternoon, or an army of one guy in boxer shorts and black socks clutching a pair of binoculars on a deck overlooking a child’s bedroom. Like Megyn Kelly said, it may not be illegal, but it is “so wrong.”


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