Update: Confirmed, White Substance Mailed to Governor Brewer

I just spoke with Chief Andrew Staubitz of the Capitol Police in Phoenix, Arizona. This morning, police and the fire department responded to a call from the first floor of the executive tower of the Arizona Capitol. An employee opened an envelope addressed to Governor Jan Brewer which contained a “powdery white substance.” The immediate area and lobby were closed for about thirty minutes, during which time the substance was “packaged as evidence of a crime” and sent to the State lab for analysis, says Staubitz.


Chief Staubitz believes during that thirty minutes the employee who opened the package was likely checked out by paramedics who responded to the call, but he does not believe she required any further medical attention.

The results of the lab analysis are expected in less than 24 hours, and the Capitol Police will be issuing a statement at that time. The police will be working with the FBI in investigating the incident.

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