RedState Weekly Briefing: October 5 2014 How #ClimateChange is to blame for #ISIS and #EBOLA Also, ELECTIONS!! #RSWB

weeklybriefing-headerThis week on the RedState Weekly Briefing Thomas LaDuke, Joe Cunningham, Caleb Howe, and I discuss Horse Race Politics, EBOLA(!!??), ISIS, and most importantly … CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!


We should be live just after 7 pm Eastern. If you would like to join in the discussion, ask questions, or get to the links we mention in the show, you can do so at the Hangouts Event page for RSWB.

Don’t miss out!!

And for those who disregard my explicit advice above and actually do miss out, you can catch the replay above after we wrap it up and throughout the week our partners at FTR Radio run the audio podcast. No matter how you like to watch or listen, we’ve got you covered.




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