DNC Chair's Latest Attack On Scott Walker Just More Progressive Projection

Earlier this week the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, portrayed Governor Scott Walker, along with conservatives, the Tea Party, and the Republican party as a whole, as abusive cavemen intent on dragging women back in time by their hair. While these comments can hardly be considered shocking when coming from one of the most foul attack dogs the left has under their employ, they are clearly not the comments of a sane person.

Hyperbolic rhetoric like this is beyond the pale, and the weak non-apology apologies that follow only go to testify against the abhorrent nature of the original comments.

FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit - Day 2But sometimes, well sometimes you get lucky and it turns out the entire episode was nothing more than an act of progressive projection, which is precisely what we have here.

According to the Washington Examiner, just days before the vile attack on Gov. Walker, Wasserman Schultz was out on the campaign trail for a Democrat candidate in New Mexico who made a living defending … wait for it … abusive men!!

In four cases from 2001 to 2012 reviewed by Secrets, she defended a man who allegedly sexually abused his estranged wife, another who allegedly beat his wife and forced her on drugs she was allergic to, another who smashed up his estranged wife’s home, according to a police report, and a fourth accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend.

The cases had a similar abusive theme summed up in a quote from one of those allegedly targeted by Lara’s client: “He wouldn’t give me a divorce, he doesn’t plan to re-marry, he just make my life a living hell,” she said in the court papers.

How can Debbie Wasserman Schultz accuse Scott Walker of abuse when she knowingly works to elect a lawyer who defended actual abusers? The real question is how can she not?

These sort of slip ups happen quite often, but I am honestly surprised we don’t see it even more. Considering the multiple sins, moral contradictions, chaos, and strife which must roam through the minds of these tyrannical progressives, you’d have to expect such a relief valve as projection to rear its ugly head.

Projection is theraputic in that it allows one to confess without ever associating themselves with the sin. Unfortunately, this therapy only ends up exacerbating the eventual breakdown and full on insanity.

And from what I see, that shouldn’t be too much longer for the good Chair of the Democratic National Committee. In fact, someone may want to stay with her the night of November 4th, just for her own safety.