Halbig Mailbag: Josh Marshall Commenters As Dumb As Josh Marshall

It has been a week full of own goals for Obamacare defenders, specifically the “intellectuals” of the left who never stopped to fathom that a single state would opt out of the crowning achievement of the progressive cause. We’ve seen the Gruber tapes, we’ve seen Greg Sargent face plant into the pavement like a fifty year old on a skateboard, and we saw Josh Marashall and his TPM crew do a belly flop and claim it was a perfect half gainer.

You can see all of the Halbig coverage we have here. This is what we do. We cover not only the legal issues, but also the responses from the left and the right on cases that matter to conservatives.

So, when this very sensitive TPM reader, who we will call B. Dover, emailed us to complain about Dan McLaughlin’s latest post which pointed out the absurdity of Josh Marshall and the “explosive” article on TPM about Halbig , I felt compelled to share, and, of course, respond.

From: B. Dover
Subject: Article about Josh Marshall at TPM
Date: August 1, 2014 at 5:46:47 PM EDT


RedState contributors and members are free to register at TPM are respond directly to him or any other TPM contributor in the comments forum without fear of reprisal. Instead Dan McLaughlin and other RedState contributors do it in  RedState articles and hide behind the RedState registration firewall.

Dear B. Dover,

Allow me to address your last point first, and I apologize for this not being posted as a comment at the site of your choosing, which I will get to in a moment, but, please set a time when you can sit and contemplate whether you should be on the internet. We don’t have a registration firewall, we give people the ability to comment through Disqus. As for TPM, I haven’t made it through their registration gauntlet. [Look, pal… I can call it what I want, this is where I write.] Which reminds me, you are quite the hypocrite on registering to comment at a site.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 1.47.26 AM

But I will be honest with you… It isn’t that I find it difficult to register, it is that I don’t get paid to comment at your site. None of our Contributing Editors do. And TPM sucks. Also the arguments of TPM and Josh Marshall with regard to Halbig are simply absurd. No reasonable people should ever be seen, or heard, or read, repeating these arguments and expect not to be met with laughter and pointing of fingers in a fashion meant to mock you for not being very bright. [I am saying TPM makes you dumb. You become the stupid.]

At RedState, we produce a contrary point of view on a larger platform than the comments section at a left wing blog would ever provide, or allow.  And, B. Dover, that is what really angers you.

We’re out here making your best guys look like the lightweights they are. Oh, sure… Marshall, Sargent, Klein, Krugman, even Obama… All men of great intellect. Unfortunately all are mired by a lack of wisdom, a fundamentally flawed world view, an ignorance of history, an inability to admit error, and a narcissism so strong that anyone of them could go supernova at any minute and solve all of our issues once and for all.

Now, if you guys rejected these intellects with no wisdom, and listened to what David Ziff has attempted to explain about false bravado in the left’s Halbig  revelations, you might not look like fools. Or at least not as often.

But then, we aren’t here to stop you from acting like fools.

Well, I sincerely hope that answers your questions, B. Dover.

Hope I wasn’t too rough on you.

Don’t forget to register and comment, I will make sure to personally ban you when you cross the line, as all liberal commenters eventually do.

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