MAILBAG: Unintentional Libertarian Irony

We get a lot of mail here at RedState. Sometimes it is praise, sometimes it is complaints. Rarely is it so unintentionally funny as when a disgruntled libertarian decides his or her rights were violated and proceeds to preach of sermon.


Fortunately for our readers, that is indeed the case we have for you today. Annotated:

From: Linda-Aaron38
Subject: Red State bans a Libertarian and loses an election
Date: June 27, 2014 at 8:54:12 AM MDT

No, those two are not unrelated. The tent of the Tea Party is shrinking and Libertarians like myself have been decidedly shoved out. You do not have Libertarians in your coalition and we will not carry you to victory. You do not respect our rights, you have not earned our support.

libertarianproudThis week I was banned from Red State for the sin of winning the argument. I argued that the Tea Party seeks just as much big government control over our lives as liberals do, in the form of drug bans, abortion bans, overturning the 17thamendment. I was told flat out by Red State members that my rights are secondary to my responsibility to THEIR religious values. [PREACH IT BROTHER!!] Is that really the Tea Party platform? I only have freedom and liberty so long as I obey all your religious edicts? How are you then any different from the Taliban? [Whoa, don’t lose your head, bro]


I reject your arguments and submit that I do not exist for your sake. And guess what? All of my posts had more upvotes than those whom I was debating. Which you could see for yourself, except that my winning of the argument could not be tolerated. At no point was I crude or disrespectful. All I did was defend my God-given individual rights that don’t belong to you. [Oh, now you believe in God?!] But still, my posts were deleted and I was banned from Red State. The act of abject cowards. You can’t win the debate, so you cut and run, hide in your echo chamber, surrounded by brown nosing yes men. Then you wonder why you lose election after election. Come November you will rend your clothes and shake your fists at heaven crying “Why God, why?” [Seriously, what’s with all the religious speech here?] And you will not learn.
If any of you were real men, you would unban me, let me back in, and try to win a stand up debate. But you can’t. You know that your brand of religious fanaticism, and taking away my rights [What happened to God given?] for your sake will never fly with Libertarians. You know you have nothing to offer us, that you seek only for us to be your servants.
It is now my duty in life to inform everyone I can that the Tea Party’s stance on freedom and liberty is a bald faced lie. [I am sure that will be productive. Especially if you invoke God while openly mocking those who follow him.] You have zero respect for individual freedom, individual liberty. You have proven that this week. And as my upvotes proved, more and more of your members will wake up and realize the depth of your deception.  Farewell.  You would be stronger with us, but then you wouldn’t have the control over our lives that you so desperately desire.




Regards Norm, give Linda and Aaron my best.

While we appreciate your written “request” for reversal of your account ban, I regret to inform you that your self importance and metaphysical lunacy, as Russell Kirk would say, make that a non starter.

The enemy to all custom and convention ends in the outer darkness, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. The final emancipation from religion, the state, moral and positive law, and social responsibilities is total annihilation: the freedom from deadly destruction.

Enjoy the darkness, we’ll carry on the fight for ordered liberty without you.


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