I'd Guess That Mark Udall's Internal Polling is Troubling

News broke yesterday that President Obama will be coming to Colorado to campaign with Senator Mark Udall. The campaign for the U.S. Senate seat in Colorado is in full swing with Cory Gardner having cleared the field before the primary later this month.Both candidates have been trading barbs for a month or so now, and Gardner has been landing consistent blows which seem to have taken their toll.


One issue which haunts Udall is the Keystone XL Pipeline. Many don’t realize this, but Colorado has a large Oil and Gas industry and, as noted in the National Journal, this continues to be “a political headache for the senator.”

The Colorado Democrat is trying to hold onto his Senate seat in a state with extensive oil and gas development and a strong environmental streak. Udall has tried to play to both sides. He supports oil and gas drilling, but has also won applause from green groups. On Thursday, LCV Action Fund officially endorsed the senator in his race against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

Observers on both sides have been clamoring to put Udall on record on the pipeline. He voted against a nonbinding pro-Keystone resolution when it came to the Senate floor last year. He managed to sidestep a vote, however, last month when it seemed likely that a bill to fast-track the project would come to the Senate floor. He’s unlikely to catch a break this time around.

The likeliness that Udall will “catch a break” became absolutely zero when he decided to vote against the Keystone XL pipeline when it came up Wednesday in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Via The Hill:

“If the Keystone XL pipeline were being routed through our state, Coloradans would want to know the decision was being made on the merits — and not congressional meddling,” Udall spokesman Mike Saccone said in an email. “That’s why Sen. Udall intends to again reject the notion that lawmakers know better than the engineers, scientists and experts whose responsibility it is to evaluate the pipeline application on its merits.”


Yet even this was a cop out and nothing more than political posturing by the embattled Senator. The truth is, Coloradans have plenty of knowledge about the Oil and Gas industry, hydraulic fracturing, and the Keystone XL Pipeline.

According to a poll conducted in February of this year, sixty percent of Coloradans strongly or somewhat support fracking. Sixty-Six percent are strongly or somewhat supportive of the Keystone XL pipeline.

And it isn’t just Coloradans, it is the U.S. State Department. According to an AP post from January of this year, the State Department has “no major environmental objections to the proposed $7 billion pipeline, which has become a symbol of the political debate over climate change.”

It seems to me that the scientists, experts, and the people of Colorado agree, and the only meddling that appears to be going on is from environmental extremists such as Mark Udall and his big money liberal backers.

The most likely catalyst for Udall going on the record with regard to Keystone XL is the endorsement that proceeded it.

That’s right, in a rather blatant disregard for where the people of Colorado actually stand, Senator Mark Udall cast a vote based upon the political endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters.

Of course, this isn’t really surprising considering Udall has also been purchased by liberal money man and environmental extremist Tom Steyer, for whom he participated in an all night talk-a-thon on the Senate floor.


But as I noted at the beginning of this post, Udall has a plan to dig himself out of these political holes he has found himself in through absolutely no fault of his own.


This is just brilliant.

Yeah, Barack Obama won Colorado twice, but things have changed a bit since those lofty days.

In Colorado, we have seen the failure of Obamacare. We have seen the assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. We have seen multiple attacks on rural areas dependent on what the liberals believe to be dirty energy. We have seen the newer, more stringent, EPA regulations which will no doubt be another blow to our energy sector.

As a nation we have watched President Obama, and a Senator from Colorado who votes with the President on nearly every issue, lead failure after failure. Whether it is Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the increased turmoil in the middle east, or our Veterans dying in a government health care program, Barack Obama and Mark Udall were there together diligently doing either the wrong thing, or nothing.

Even Mark Udall himself was skittish about campaigning with the President back in January.

Despite the dance steps performed by Senator Udall in January, he and the President will campaign together in Colorado after all.

From the Denver Post:

The president is the invited guest at a luncheon for the 2014 Colorado Victory Fund, a joint fundraising effort between the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Udall for Colorado. Colorado’s other U.S. senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, is chairman of the DSCC and is on the invite.


Now, I know, this isn’t actually campaigning out on the trail. But honestly, did you really expect the pampered President and his out of touch party to do more than host a fundraising lunch?

I do wonder if there will be time for golf.


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