UPDATED: Colorado Democrats Take Extreme Position on Abortion Rights

*Update at bottom*

Colorado Democrats have taken the assault on the unborn to new depths. The anti-life legislation currently making its way through the Colorado Senate is so extreme that I am not sure that even Wendy Davis would support it. Basically, the Democratic party in Colorado has decided to advance a virulently anti-life position that would enshrine into Colorado law the right to murder a child in the womb at any time for any reason, with no regulatory oversight or requirements to meet basic standards for clinics that will perform abortions.


The Orwellian named Reproductive Health Freedom Act “prohibits a state or local policy that denies or interferes with an individual’s reproductive health care decisions or a state or local policy regarding reproductive health care that is inconsistent with, or that denies or interferes with access to information based on, current evidence-based scientific data and medical consensus.”

Well, you know, as long as what they choose isn’t “inconsistent” with “consensus.”

Um, no.

The way this bill is written, it goes much further than that introduction would lead one to believe.

Let’s break this down a bit.

The language of the bill first states unequivically that “every individual possesses a fundamental right of privacy with respect to reproductive health care decisions.” Note that the possession of this “fundamental right” is not limited to age. Note also that while affirming this “fundamental right” they ignore the fundamental right to life, but I digress.

Next the legislation lists entitlements to “every individual” that spring forth from the “fundamental right” to an abortion. These entitlements include items such as access to information that is based on “current  evidenced-based scientific data and medical consensus”, as well as to be free from coercion or interference from anyone, including the State.

Essentially, this abolishes the family and any influence it could have on a child when the subject is “reproductive health.” No “state agency, institution, political subdivision, or any unit of local government,” can even acknowledge or endorse the authority of parents over minor children when it comes to sex.


With regard to “current evidence-based scientific data and medical consensus” they actually propose to bind the state to something as vague as a “medical consensus.” This consensus is, naturally, never defined. So if the “medical consensus” pronounced that privacy rights included a right to “post-birth” abortion (i.e., killing infants), a horrifying idea that has indeed been proposed in bioethics journals, the state of Colorado could do nothing to criminalize it, if this legislation were to pass.

But by far the worst aspect of this disgraceful legislation is this:

If you combine the “Definitions” section with “Policy – legislative intent” section you end up, inevitably, with nothing less than abortion on demand for any reason whatsoever at any point in a pregnancy, or possibly beyond.

Want to abort a child because she’s a girl? – “The state, its agencies, institutions, or political subdivisions, or any unit of local government shall not enact any policy that denies or interferes.”

Want to abort a child because she may have a disease? – “The state, its agencies, institutions, or political subdivisions, or any unit of local government shall not enact any policy that denies or interferes.”

Want to abort a child long after she is perfectly capable of living outside the womb? – “The state, its agencies, institutions, or political subdivisions, or any unit of local government shall not enact any policy that denies or interferes.”


This is the real extremism in the abortion debate that the mainstream never talks about. Thankfully people like Archbishop Samuel Aquila are taking a stand for life.

“Advocates of this bill seek the absolute ‘right to abortion’ for girls as young as 10 or 11 without a parent’s knowledge, guidance or advice,” the archbishop noted. “Parents are seen as unfit in the moral guidance of their children.”

It would also eliminate abortion facility’s health-code regulations, he said, calling to mind the gruesome images of dead women and babies that came out of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s unregulated business last year.

“This bill is not good for the women and girls of Colorado,” Archbishop Aquila said.

Archbishop Aquila, who is holding a prayer vigil on the Capitol steps in Denver today, urged all people of goodwill to pray regarding this horrible legislation.

“Plead to Our Lord for his intercession on behalf of life in Colorado,” he requested. “Also, pray for our politicians on both sides of this issue, particularly for those who work tirelessly and often without recognition to promote life-affirming legislation in our State Capitol. Pray for the conversion of the hearts and minds of those who support such irrational, unscientific and denial-of-conscience legislation.”

I stand with my brother in Christ and against this assault on the unborn. If you live in Colorado, I urge you to find your Senator’s contact information here and call them to let them know about this extreme legislation that attacks the family, the conscience, and the unborn.




After hundreds of pro-life protestors, including Catholic priests, filled the Capitol the Senate Democrats had to delay the vote on this legislation because one of their members became sick and asked to be excused. The Senate Democrats needed that one vote for passage, as they often do. There will be no vote tonight.


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