Why Does Senator Mark Udall [D-CO] Pay Women Less Than Men?

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.42.30 AMAs the President’s popularity continues to erode and Congressional Democrats begin to see the electoral DOOM on the horizon, it isn’t a surprise that Senator Mark Udall supports the efforts of the President and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to change the focus of attention to equal pay for women.


This is an appeal to the base of the Democratic party, an attempt to shore up waning allies and possibly recapture some of the excitement that propelled Obama back into the Oval Office in 2012. This is a desperate attempt to head off an electoral wave that threatens the Democratic party’s  rule.

The problem is that the Democratic party has a big problem with not paying women as much as they pay men. We have all heard about the wage gap in the White House, but it goes much further than that. This morning the Washington Free Beacon ran a story which details the wage gap in Democratic Senate offices.

The analysis shows female staffers in Democratic Senate offices were paid just 91 cents for each dollar paid to male staffers. The average salary for a woman was more than $5,500 below the average salary for a man.

Men received higher average salaries in more than two-thirds of the 43 Senate offices analyzed.

The WFB went on to note those Democratic Senators with the largest wage gaps happen to be up for reelection this cycle. One of those Senators happens to be my Senator, Mark Udall.


While the WFB shows that the average male salary for Udall’s Senate office was $9,783 higher than the average female salary in Udall’s office, Colorado Peak Politics – a conservative state blog in Colorado – breaks it down a bit further.

When we look at the most recent reported salaries for Udall’s Senate office, we see that on average female staffers working under Udall make only $0.82 to every dollar that a male in Udall’s office makes.  Now, even when we provide a little context (which is more than Udall does when citing the gender pay gap), and only look at the staffers that were with Udall for the entire pay period, women make only two cents more, $0.84 to every male dollar

So, why does Senator Mark Udall pay women less than men? In all honesty, I assume he does so for the same reasons everyone else does. Women and Men take different jobs, work different hours, and hold different levels of experience. In addition, you also have to consider the quality of the work done regardless of which sex did the work.


The Democratic Party, the White House, Senator Harry Reid, and Senator Mark Udall don’t actually care about equal pay for women. They don’t care that it is already illegal to discriminate based on gender under the Equal Pay Act of 1963. They don’t care that they are lying to women.

What Senator Mark Udall, along with the rest, care about is retaining power, being reelected, and keeping you from seeing their hypocrisy.

Why do Udall and the Democratic Party think women are stupid enough to fall for this ploy while never noticing the fact that the biggest proponents for equal pay are also the biggest violators of its principles?



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