Ebony News Editor Jamilah Lemieux Has No Time For 'White' People Like Raffi Williams

This morning a news editor from Ebony decided to show her ignorance and racism to the world. In a series of tweets Jamilah Lemieux, the News and Lifestyle Editor for Ebony Magazine,  called Dr. Ben Carson insane for his beliefs on race, politics, and “anything else other than his medical work.” Her objections appear to be that Carson is conservative to some extent and therefore any ideas he may have on race are forever tainted. Indeed, even his own blackness should be questioned.


While Jamilah was venting her spleen on twitter, some conservatives jumped in to defend Dr. Carson and push back against the Ebony Editor. One such conservative was Raffi Williams, the Deputy Press Secretary of the GOP and the son of Fox News contributor Juan Williams.

When Williams engaged Lemieux on twitter suggesting she learn more about Dr. Carson before judging him on politics and race, her immediate response to him was this: “Oh great here comes a White dude telling me how to do this Black thing. Pass.” Moving beyond Lemieux’s obvious contempt for the white race, there is one overlooked detail that must be pointed out.

Raffi Williams is Black.

After being informed of Williams skin pigmentation Lemieux walked back her assumption that Raffi was white and apologized to him for that, while continuing to subtweet about him.

Quite frankly, Lemieux can take her apology and cram it. I find it hard to believe that Lemieux’s apology was from the heart considering she is the daughter of a former Black Panther.

The inherent racism in Lemieux’s comments, the automatic assumption that conservative equals white, and the willingness to tear down a successful black man simply due to his ideology not being in line with the black groupthink subscribed to by Ebony’s News Editor, are all less than shocking.


Indeed, this has become the norm. Minorities who don’t choose to believe the liberal lie are not equal to the minorities that do.

It is shameful that Ebony allows this type of attitude, not to mention textbook epistemic closure, to be in its news department. It is a scandal that Lemieux is the News Editor.


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